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Ants T-28A trouble


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I have all of Ants' T-28 versions, they all fly great. However, I am having trouble with the "A" version. This morning, I tried to fly it, but the brakes seem to be on all the time. I made sure the parking brake was off, tried everything I could think of. Restarted my computer, reinstalled that version, even downloaded it again and tried it...won't move, even under full throttle. Every other plane I tried worked normally. Any ideas?
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Hi k2wilson,


I only have the T-28A Demo version, perhaps the wheelchocks are still deployed. Along with releasing P/Brake "." key - Try Shift+4 to open the T-28(animation manager) stow those wheelchocks.


Shift + 4 > Animations tab page 1 of 62 > Uncheck "wheel chock" option box > click the Save button on the Animations page.


Also check other animations like "Pitot Cover" is unchecked, just incase. This may be quite useful once your in the air.



Contact... spinprop... chocks away...release brake... Tally-ho!.

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I've had this T-28A Demo since it first came out, flew it a hundred times with no problems. But for some unknown reason, it loads now with the chocks box checked. That was it, unchecked the box, and away she went! Woo Hoo! Thanks for the help.
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