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CH Flight Sim Yoke - Built In Throttle, Prop and Mixture HE project

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So that's what the inside of my yoke looks like. Where do you buy the hall effect sensors you're using from? In the other thread you indicated something about 3D printing?


Good Morning CRJ_simpilot,


Hall Effect sensor IC => 3503 Linear type

(Sources: https://www.mouser.com/_/?Keyword=hall+effect+3503&FS=True)

(Spec: https://prom-electric.ru/media/ugn3503.pdf)


3D printing process has the benefit and advantage in custom making the PLA casings and supporting parts that closely matching the dimension measurement of the OEM parts. This will assure the conversion or modification with better success rate. However these 3D printing design and experiment steps do take a lot of effort in the developing process in additional to electronic design and testing.


Hope this helps.

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Actually, how do I find the right hall effect sensor for the right potentiometer I have in my yoke or pedals? Is there a number equivalent? Or is it just my voltage and amp spec or range?


The beauty of my HE upgrade Mod is no IC programming is required. Straight forward application only.

Any ratiometric linear Hall Effect sensor with 3.3 to 5V input (operating voltage) will act as a voltage divider when expose to magnetic field which generated adjusted voltage signal (approx 0.8 to 4.0V) based on the yoke position and send to flight sim yoke controller. So the hall effect sensor must work with permanent magnet. Casing just provides a home for the components, as long as you have other proper installation method the casing is not necessary.


Check out the HE sensor Mfr. Part # DRV5055A1ELPGMQ1 in Mouser Catalog.


Let me know if you have questions.

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