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More realistic emergencies.


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Hi all,


Is there anyway of making emergencies more realistic? Increasing the number of failure options etc?


Also, for radio comms. There's no way to make a mayday call, does anyone know of any additions where comms are more realistic in an emergency situation?



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The BIG answer (verbosity man strikes)


Q1 A:

Adding additional items to the FSX UI failure options is impossible. In the MS BOXED versions of the program, the code has been locked for over 8 years now.


In the FS versions which are currently in development, I expect additional options like these are VERY LOW priority and if they ever happen at all, are years away.


Yes, it is possible to code custom gauges so there are more types and complexities for failures or ramifications related to operation of a particular aircraft.

For instance, the model I have been working on for quite a while- the SR-71 had requirements and complexities in the engine which are not commonly found in sub-mach aircraft where the air around the plane can be around 800 Degrees F. In order to simulate the greater workload the pilot of these aircraft have in managing the complex engine, my gauges detect when certain engine parameters and temperatures are out of limits and cause flameouts and total engine failures. I also have various non-standard consumables such as liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen tanks along with hypergolic fuel tanks which all deplete at various rates depending on pilot skill and procedures with ramifications should these empty. I also force the pilot to monitor and manage his pressure suit temperature.


While these are not "emergencies" per say, these force the pilot to adhere to real world limits for the aircraft where otherwise, the pilot may have an unplanned abort or dead stick landing or not obtain cruise speed. If over the ocean, the results of the inattention of the pilot is not fun. The panel also includes a check ride test where the pilot can obtain a score to rate his proficiency. All those hours of practice and attention to detail can then pay off (in a gamey sort of way) but real pilots have to take various kinds of tests also.


I do not provide these features as random options you can check on/off or set timers on since these are not failures which would occur in normal flight. The goal then is not how fast you can react to a random event (gamey) but attention to detail so an unwanted event is prevented (simulation.)


You will find features similar to this in the more complex aircraft models (usually payware or some very advanced freeware) where the designer will code gauges to prevent unrealistic operation of the aircraft.


Also, there are various generic add-ons which simulate the effects of having "live" passengers on board where poorly managed flights result in low scores in an airline company management environment. Things like an emergency landing due to a heart attack are possible and the qaulity of the ride and landing are monitored.


Q2 A:

Again the FSX BOXED code is locked and cannot be modified. The default ATC has limited capability to respond to user commands and this logic cannot be recoded.

There are no options for modding the ATC behavior in the FSX SDK.


HOWEVER, if you want a more realistic ATC environment, I highly recommend one of the free multiplayer servers like Vatsim where real people ATC practice real world air traffic rules and procedures. I occasionally see some emergency events practiced like vectoring an engine out pilot to a nearby landing or holding traffic for Air Force One, etc. There are areas of the sim environment where for a time, can be designated for military operations (planned and scheduled far in advance) where red flag or sea rescue operations can be practiced under the command of dedicated military ATC.


I will STRESS that these kinds kind of events are not tolerated as standard procedures on Vatsim and if the ATC is busy with heavy traffic, will simply refuse to participate. The pilot can do what he wants, but the ATC will not issue commands related to the activity and if the pilot's behavior is highly disruptive to the other pilots, will boot the "emergency" pilot off the system.



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I can't help with the ATC situation, and wished I could many times, but if you punch "failure" (no quotes, naturally) into the search engine in the library here on FlightSim, you get several aircraft of various sorts as a result.



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