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CH Pro Throttle USB Hall Effect Sensor Upgrade - Installation

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What exactly is a hall effect as it pertains to a throttle?

I am just a DIY hobbyist with very limited electronic knowledge. I hope the following explanation will answer your question. Just in case it doesn't, please let me know with more specific questions. I will try my best to research the answers for you. Thanks for your interested.


Inside the CH Pro Throttle unit, the CH products uses mechanical potentiometer or a hall effect sensor in my upgrade mod to generate the electrical signal in determine the position of the throttle position (Pull back or full advance throttle position) during flight simulation.


Below is a full description of the difference between a mechanical potentiometer and a Hall Effect Sensor.


Quote from Randy 1's posting in



Title: Re: Potentiometers vs Hall Effect sensors

"A potentiometer is an adjustable resistor which consists of a wiper that slides across a restrictive strip to deliver an increase or decrease in resistance. Since there is a physical scraping it is subject to wear and accumulation of dirt between the wiper and restrictive strip causing problems.

Hall effect sensors use a non-contact magnetic field for position indication eliminating the scraping, wear and dirt problem."

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That explains it perfectly, thanks. I do know a thing or two about electronics so I can understand it. I can only imagine that a hall effect potentiometer would work great for a radio's tuning and volume knobs. Being into radio communications and around my fair share of radios, those knobs can get mucky so the technology with a hall effect sensor would be great.


Now that I have learned about this, perhaps one day I'll update the potentiometers in my CH Products yoke and pedals. Though, I'm not sure if the yoke has a potentiometer.


Looks like Honeywell makes them (maker of aviation gear like the FMC). And boy are they pricey! https://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine?Keyword=hall%20potentiometer



How much did you pay for yours?

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Hi CRJ_simpilot,


Thanks for expanding my view about the use of Hall Effect sensor in radio communication field.

Hope to learn more about radio hobby in the future after the HE projects.


The main objective of my DIY project is make use of my basic 3D printing skill and limited electronic knowledge to develop an alternative Hall Sensor solution with an affordable cost to replace the faulty OEM potentiometers in my 12 years old pre-owned Saitek Yoke and 8 years old CH Yoke.


My project began in 2018 and did many trial and error developing and testing. As of today my total cost per set is about $17.00 per kit (included roll and pitch HE sensors and HE connector). This is my actual spending in material and parts in developing and making a kit.


Because of the similarity in OEM pots design I also have extended my goal to create various HE units for other CH products if possible. I am happy to share my projects with others and publish my works on Youtube Channel. If interested or have any questions, please post them here or contact me at ntydkhe@yahoo.com.


Thanks for your inquiry !

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