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Watching AI planes

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Traffic Toolbox is good but you can only follow so far then it throws you back to base.


STVB you can follow the full journey plus listen to the ATC if you wish that is.


AI TrackerX is very similar, again you can follow the full journey and listen to ATC plus it has other features, but to be honest I had a job with getting some to work properly, might just have been me lol so I just followed using it.


Went back to STVB, very stable program.

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Resurrected an old thread, for some strange reason Super Traffic View Board has stopped following the AI the full journey, it kicks me back after about 60 miles and I lose the aircraft I was following.

I have been on the STB forum and they haven't resolved it YET.


So out of desperation I went back and tried AI TrackerX again and lo and behold I'm having problems to get that to work, they have 5 different versions, I installed the version they told me for FSX but is isn't connecting to it, also by default AI TrackerX installs in programs 86X with no option to change it, I had to move it myself but I think that maybe why it isn't connecting I'm not sure.


Anyone else use this program that can advise please?



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I contacted the software guys and got a guy called Oliver, he spent ages with me trying various things, still couldn't get it to work.

then as I decided to leave it for the night he emailed back and said, "Have you got the Pause on Task enabled, if so uncheck it?" I did that and yay it worked, that was all it was that was stopping it from working.


so then it connected to the sim, a list of AI flights came up, I picked one to follow and stayed with it the whole journey, no kick back to base.



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