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AI not showing up at certain Add on airports

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I found that some scenery packages include AI traffic and it's loaded into the add on scenery folder. I had AI ships in Fs9 format that screwed up my FSX AI traffic ONLY whenI added the scenery that included the ships. That threw me off until I found and converted those files into FSx format also.

I hope that made sense. In essence, look in other folders (or in the main FSX folder and ALL sub folders) when converting files.

That's just the problem I've run into... not saying that's THE problem.

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1:World of Ai

2:EHAM and LOWW are flytampa and EDDF is aerosoft


Wow, except for Schiphol, that’s my setup as well.


Just one thought: some airport scenery installers give the option between “Static traffic” and “Airlines”.

Do you remember if you had that option and if so, did you choose “Airlines”?

Personally, I can’t remember it from my install...



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