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Air Manager Cannot Update


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I hade a air manager n my pc and wored well.The hardrive is ful, and ther is no space for the update.i need to instole a 2de hardrive

can i downlode and install air manager on the 2de hardrive on same pc

do i need to buy a nuwe license plz help

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Before looking at adding a new drive check to see what space you can free up on the current drive. You will be surprised at the amount of junk and old temp files that are stored.


See the following links to see how to perform a disk cleanup using the inbuilt windows tool:


Link 1

Link 2


You don't say what sim you are using it with. But you could consider installing the new drive and moving and/or re-installing some FS related items onto it. For example, if you use FS2004 or FSX, you don't need to install most addon scenery into the sim's default location (i.e. the Addon Scenery folder) - it can be installed anywhere on the PC - so you could move addon scenery onto the new drive.


Regarding Air Manager itself - First, I should state that I don't own the product but I base my reply on based on the info found on this LINK


The product, like most these days, has an automatic online activation process using a dedicated license/serial key that gets 'linked' to the PC it is initially installed on via certain windows registry software/hardware entries, which in turn are stored on the host activation server.


This generally means that you can un-install the product from a PC and then re-install it again onto the same PC following an upgrade with no issue BUT ONLY if the upgrade is of a minor type - i.e. adding a new drive is considered minor but adding a new motherboard is considered a major upgrade.


As per the instructions on the linked page if you were to make a major upgrade OR want to install it on a new computer you need to contact the support team.


You could also contact the support team regarding what you want to do and get their advice on the best way forward.




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