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Little help flying IDG Airbus models.


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Hi all,


I can fly the older versions of a320 & a330 with no problem. But am having a great deal of difficulty trying to fly the IDG-a32x & 33x versions. Can fly them manually but when it comes to trying to use the IDG autopilot, and also trying to use the route manager, am at a total loss for success. Can't find any written instructions or any video instructions anywhere. Would much appreciate a little help & instruction for the IDG-a32x & Idg-a33x.


I am working on animated explainer videos software and i have HP Laptop and since a month, it's been having these problems -




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I fear you have to contact Octal450 (the engineer of the IDG autopilots) in the FG forum - I understand the IDG series is generally fairly complicated, and I have no flight experience on any of these birds, so this is over my head.


You'll find him generally rather responsive to questions.

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