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How to get rid of Default AI after converting WOAI files

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You can rename you original Traffic.bgl to Traffic.bak and that'll do it. The problem is that it kills general aviation traffic also. But fear not!

There is a way. Look in the files section here (or at other sim sites) until you find a GeneralAviation traffic file. Can't remember what it's called or exactly where it is though and I apologize. The one I'm thinking of has several files in it that will set GA to either fly mostly during the day and/or to avoid high density airports. I'll do some searching in a minute and see if I can find you a file name.

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I took a look at Customgatraffic.zip - it is not just GA, but also commercial traffic.


Other GA flightplans - with repaints - can be found by searching for "Ultimate GA" both here and on Avsim.




Don't think I've seen that one. Searching now. Thanks Jorgen!

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