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EAW patches


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Anyone know where to find them?


Have perused dozens of threads, read numerous tutorials for getting EAW running in Win7, looked for mods. Seems virtually all files for this old sim have vanished - "could not connect to the server", "404 - file not found", etc. The few files I have found usually require other files or one or more official patches.


I have V1.0; apparently there is a V1.1 patch, a V1.2, a V1.28, a V1.28a, a V1.28b, a V1.28c, and a V1.28e. You need all of these, applied in order (there seems to be no all-inclusive patch and V1.0 was the only full version released). I found a d/l for one of the 1.28 patches but had to delete it when Kaspersky, and subsequently 28 others on Virustotal, declared it infected.

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I am a former developer of the EAW Code Group at the SimHQ.com


Yes you can get all legitimate versions and information for EAW - European Air War via links I will post here.


Start here:

https://eawonlinux.neocities.org/eoleaw.html and read: A copy of the extended and final Infogrames - Atari Interactive, inc. Renewal of Good Faith agreement .pdf can be found online here ]url=http://eawonlinux.neocities.org/Atari%20-%20Simhq%20&%20%20European%20Air%20War.pdf]Atari - Simhq & European Air War.pdf[/url]


Some EAW files are available for non-commercial puroposes.


First, let me recommend the version EAW 1.28E specifically the eaw1.28efullversion-3-1-2017.zip which I offer via my EAWfiledownload folder. This complete version contains ALL the needed EAW files. It is a standalone version you don't need the old files nor patches.


To read up a bit about it you can review the How To get and use EAW 1.28e version page of my site.


the page was written for Linux and WINE software users but it gives some basics about the files, link to where to download, information about the new EAW keyboard commands and EAW Keyboard reference card. and some possible quirks youmay encounter although usually there are none for most people.


A copy of the Microprose EAW Flight School is online at my site as well as an added Online References page as well as the EAW PILOT’S GUIDE for reference.


Aside from that there is a whole world of EAW files and various patches and versions available, The main hub is the SimHQ.com EAW forum where the lastest version 1.60 (you may want to try 1.28E first though) is still under development and they can give details about it and online play.


The EAWHS is the main wiki of other information about all of EAW and Sandbagger's is the old main files website stocking all knids of EAW mods and additions made over the years mostly for classic 1.2 up to EAW 1.28.





EAW Help Sites


European Air War Help Site (EAWHS)


SimHQ European Air War forum


EAW Addons - EAW Download


FsFOOT EAWfiledownload Folder


Sandbaggers EAW Tally-Ho


other sites exist; see my page or the EAWHS


Again to avoid confusion for first timers I recommend the standalone EAW 1.28E Full Version zip I make available. You can use it on Windows or Linux (with WINE).




Cheers! 🌈

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Thanks. I'd begun to think EAW was another of those forgotten games.


Lately I'd rather track down games I missed over the years than deal with the reprehensible practices of modern developers.

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