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Cockpitbuilders gauges

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Flyware.nl has the ultimate software for cockpit builders. Select, Drag,Resize over 100 different networked gauges - Basic 6, Navigation, Piston, Turboprop, Jet or Generic gauges - Glass panels for 737, EICAS for 747 & Fokker 70/100. Also includes FMS. It is designed to work with FsX, Fs2004, X-Plane, and Prepar3D


We will present this year a sequence of updates and extensions, some of them minor, some extensive.


One of the new updates contains a Mooney Bravo panel, as

as well as a set of new engine gauges for the Kingair 200 and 350.


Added features:

â—¦ QNH will be 2-sided, so the F/O can set his own altimeter (transition altitude/height).

â—¦ The ADF indicator will change now needles VOR1/VOR2 and ADF1/ADF2. A separate key command can be set for this purpose.

â—¦ Night lighting is now available. You can set you intensity and tone of colour.

â—¦ For those who run more than 1 client on a machine: You can set the name of the client so you can easily identify it.

â—¦ The new Radar Altitude Indicator (Collins) shows an amber Decision Height light. And of course a bug to set.




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