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Showing your aircraft as an icon on Google earth


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Hello there


In the days of FSX, I purchased and used an excellent program called FS Earth. Basically, it allowed you to have GE open (In another window) and a representative icon of your aircraft placed on it. As you flew, the icon moved on the GE satellite map as you flew, and you could have it leave a trail of where you had been from when you took off. It also allowed you to enter the tail number/destination/speed/Airline as text beside the aircraft icon. It also showed AI aircraft etc. It worked with a .kml file from memory.


Sadly this program will not work with P3D.


I understand there is a program called GEView, but this does not place your aircraft on the GE satellite map


The author FS Earth, has a new program out that will do what FS Earth did (and other great features) called FS Earth Plus. This is a subscription model only, and would be far too expensive (for me, at least) to keep up


So, to my question.


Are there any other programs (Payware or freeware) that:


a) Use the google satellite map (Important)

b) Place an icon (as your aircraft) that moves in real time as you fly (Important)

c) Not so important, leaves a path of where you have been from takeoff

d) Will work with P3D


Many thanks!,



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I know this is an very old post but I also see in the notes it was updated just a month ago (6/2019). So I'm going to respond and hope this is of value to the originator.


I have P3Dv4 and use FlightSim Commander to provide an aircraft icon in Google Earth that tracks along with my aircraft. There is a caveat however. "Show Position in Google Earth" was a feature of FSCommander that became problematic in their version 9.4 (I think), and the software author decided to stop supporting the feature. However the menu selection is still in the program (I currently have ver. 9.6 Rev 7) and does still seem to work. When you select the "Show Position in Google Earth" menu option, FSCommander will launch Google Earth, however you will receive an error message from Google Earth. I simply acknowledge the error and Google Earth will continue the launch process, and once launched will show an a/c icon at your current position. It will follow the progress of your flight but does not show a trail of where you have been previously. I really like being able to see the areas I'm flying over in detail within Google Earth. GREAT feature.

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Check out MyFSGoogleEarth (https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/1272/myfsgoogleearth-10-link-google-earth-with-flight/)


It will not leave a path from where you took off but it should do all the rest

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