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Need help with ADE175

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when I compile I get a "AD4" file which when placed in my add on scenery does nothing.


That is because the AD4 file is not recognised by FSX. AD4 files are the basic raw file that is created when you first save the work and then is subsequently used by ADE to save further changes.


When you compile it should produce, depending on what your compile options are set to, a single .bgl file that contains the complete airport or multiple .bgl files that contain the various elements of the airport - the airport runway/taxiway layout, objects used (e.g any added buidlings) etc.


To find where you have saved the compiled file(s) start ADE, go to the Settings Menu, click on the Options entry - a new info window will open. Click on the Projects tab - this list the options available to you regarding how and where to save your work. It will show you the current options and paths in use.

Note also the option tick under the last entry field regarding using separate airport and object .bgl files - this entry determines, as I mentioned above, whether you get a single or multiple .bgl files.




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when I compile I get a "AD4" file which when placed in my add on scenery does nothing.


That is not compiling, that is saving. There is a difference in ADE.



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Hit the compile button in the top right of the screen.

Choose more options

Choose specific folder, it will default to your Addon Scenery, then close

Click compile in the bottom left of the compile box

Restart Flight sim



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Don't compile to "../Addon Scenery/scenery"


Compile instead to desktop. Then create empty folder: "Airport Name" on desktop. In it create a folder as "Airport Name/scenery"

Place created airport file.bgl in "Airport Name/scenery"

Copy or move "Airport Name/scenery"

into folder: "../Addon scenery"


then activate your self created Addon in Fsx by adding it to the Scenery Library List of addons in fsx. (Scenery Library--Add Airport).

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