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FSX Virtual Cockpit not active


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Hi there all. I'm sure this question must have been asked before but I can't find it anywhere!

I am running 3 licensed versions of FSX Deluxe with Acceleration on 3 PCS in my simulator and trying to set up multiple views to cover Left Rear all the way around to Right Rear.

This was really easy to do in FS9 but I am not having good success with FSX.

I have had 8 views (7 if I don't count the separate monitor showing the instrument panel) running off my "Host" PC but I had to back the graphics settings off too much to make good use of Orbx scenery.

So now I have set up a LAN for this new arrangement and purchased two more copies of FSX+ but these new installations won't allow me to select Virtual Cockpit as an option for the new views.

I am flying with the default Baron B58 aircraft since I have built a fairly detailed replica of the Baron's cockpit for my "Immersive" experience.

How do I activate this VC option?


Monitor setup.jpg

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