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Non showing traffic found!

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We all know that you can't have FS9 traffic.bgl files mixed in with the FSX files or your AI won't show, or at least we should by now.

I tried for three hours yesterday to get an AI flight to show and couldn't figure out why the planes never showed up. I used AIFP several times to search for FS9 traffic files in the usual scenery folder (where I keep my traffic files)... nothing. Went and took a nap when frustration became overwhelming and I was still recovering from a heart cath test and anesthesia yesterday morning..

no worries, I passed.

Anyway,while laying there floating in and out, it occurred to me that I might have other traffic files in other places.

Ran the search and I did! I had cargo ships in Mobile connected to the FS9 Freeflow Mobile scenery that I adapted for FSX!

Apparently I didn't fully adapt them. Converted the cargo ship files to FSX and lo and behold, there's my whole flock of AI planes!

The real question is why THAT Ai flightplan wouldn't show up but others I have built work just fine. My not so educated guess is that perhaps the successful plans took place at other times or other days of the week when the shipping traffic wasn't loaded, but I have no clue. Both the successful and previously non showing flightplans used converted FS9 aircraft, and the shipping traffic is from FreeFoow Florida and/or FreeFlow Mobile for FS9. The only thing I did with the FreeFlow stuff was remove the tree bgl's because they showed up EVERYWHERE and were larger than the buildings in downtown Mobile.

I haven't checked to see if the shipping traffic is working properly yet. I ended up going to bed after I found my lost flight. I'm still prohibited from lifting stuff or cutting grass today, so I'll check on that in a bit. If it's messed up, I'll most likely just end up removing it. One or two cargo ships won't bother me at all if they aren't there.

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What you will probably find out yourself:


Boat traffic didn't exist in FS9. The traffic you've converted where FS9 AI flight plans, with a boat model in stead of an aircraft. That's why it was blocking the FSX flight plans.


FSX runs a new separate engine for boat traffic.

If you feel the need to experiment with it, try AI Boat Traffic Compiler http://lc0277.gratisim.fr/software.html



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I didn't remember boat traffic in FS9 except for the FreeFlow stuff. I went ahead and pulled that bgl file out though, just in case it caused later problems. I use the Freeflow scenery to add the battleship and other Mobile landmarks. That's as much experimenting as I want to do. I've got it working smooth and the graphics are immersive enough for me to feel comfortable. From here on out, I'll just be adding some legacy carrier and military flightplans to have enough radio chatter and an occasional near miss. I've been repainting Dc9's and Martin 404's for Southern Airways and working on traffic plans for different years and paint schemes. That'll be my other goal when I'm not flying.
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Funny you brought this up, I too have had AI not show, tried redoing the flight plan again but no joy, did the usual search for any FS9 plans but none found, other AI traffic showing up no problem.

I treble checked the aircraft files making sure that everything is right, spellings, wrong air file name etc, but everything seems OK.

Is there enough room/parking at the flight plan airport... Yes but still no show.

The odd time I've abandoned and deleted it thinking there must be a problem with the model or something, yet I've seen screenshots of it and even videos, so what and why is it that I can't get it to show.

Another thing to look out for is if it is an FS9 aircraft and it has a panel and sound folder, best to delete those because that too can cause a problem.

On a side issue there is one type of aircraft for some unknown reason will not work with my FSX and that is 'Project Airbus' they just don't show no mater what I do, I've not heard or read of it before, so now I avoid them.

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FSX is a strange creature. I just can't figure out why that FS9 BGL canceled out ONLY that one flightplan and not the dozens of others.

The planes in that plan were FS9 vintage, but so are most of the others. But, it's fixed now and I am happy!

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