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First Complete Flight For FDS In Xplane - KTPA-KMIA

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Hi Everyone,


The conversion from P3D to XP11 is complete and it's time to shake her down to find any issues.


As you can see from the video, I have three issues that need to be resolved.


1. Erroneous Takeoff Config Alarm.

2. Flaps 1 (on landing) - Continuous bell sounds.

3. Bad Stutters need to be addressed.


I believe one and two are interconnected in some way. As for the stutters, I'm not sure if it's lag in the internet. Maybe going to 10GB setup will correct the issue. I'm open to any ideas and or suggestions.


All-in-all.... for her first flight after the conversion, she handles real nice. My thanks to Flightdeck Solutions, Jetline Systems, FDSTOXP, ZHSI, Tekworx and all the rest that bring flight simulation closer to reality.


Today is a Great Day!


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