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Cannot taxi in a straight line (some of the time!)

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Some of the time taxi steering is very stable, at other times wants to wander either left or right.


I see a number of posts relative to P factor and torgue, but rolling at idle throttle or particularly with a jet this should not be a problem on the ground.


Under Realism Settings, P Factor, and Torgue are turned off.


Now what really is strange: Upon landing at my destination airport, taxi sensitivity is always very stable and the aircraft will taxi in a straight line.


This is not aircraft, location, or flightplan specific. By that I mean with any aircraft or same conditions, this problem may or may not show up.





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I've found that the 172 will track straighter on takeoff if I start off slowly and then increase the throttle. I turned torque and P factor down to half and should probably turn it down even more. Never had anything like that much weaving in a real plane.
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Mark: I tried no wind, and 30kns from both 90 and 270 degrees and saw no difference.


Hossfly68: I have not flown a default plane in decades except when trouble shooting, but I have touque and P factor turned off.


I am happy that thanks to BF Bullpup on another forum, I believe I have a solution. I use the CH Pro Pedals for steering. I checked the settings in FSUIPC and found that in the neutral position there was quite a bit of noise. These footpedals are noted for getting broken wires. I have splices on more than one occasion, the last probably a couple of years ago. A failing pot is also a possibility. In any case I set the neutral null zone above the noise level I was seeing and have no problem taxiing in a straight line now.


Thanks for the suggestions.


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