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Guidance on adding new aircraft for AI use


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Hello folks,

While I have been enjoying FS2004 since it's arrival, I had a 5-6 year absence between 2011-2017 due to the perceived loss of the system my install resided on. Back, I have been enjoying my massively modified FS2004 for about two years now, but am stuck behind a door with a commercial aircraft challenge. Due to when my absence started, I am flying circa 2010/2011, so still have airlines such as Northwest, UsAir, Continental - and I'd like to update the Delta, American, and United AI fleets with the newer liveries, post mergers.

I have completely lost all skills involved with how to do this, and ask for guidance (best tools to use these days) to download the latest models and liveries in order to accomplish this "conversion".

I do know my AI planes are of the vintage AI_FSP*, AIA*, and PAI variety, based on the folders in my Aircraft folder.

A bit overwhelmed thinking that some of the above three may no longer take me where I want to go, and not familiar with newer AI models for commercial AI airlines, I'm hoping for some advice.


Thanks so much in advance for any forthcoming education!




EDIT: I should add, I have TTOOLS, and the latest ADDITPRO, and am pretty familiar with them, so more of my request may be regarding what models to use and associated repaints. I used to use AITM way back for all of my commercial editing, but don't have it anymore.

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Hello Neil,


For flight plans you can check out the "FS2004 AI flight plans" sections. There are also sites called Alpha India Group forums (free registration may be required) and UTT. Up-to-date plans for everything from major legacy carriers to bush operators are constantly being made, especially on Alpha India.


In addition to the models you named above, there is a new site called FAIB which has very nice models that replace the ones from before 2010. Among other things, these new models have more details and features like nosewheel steering when making turns during taxi.


As for repaints, there's a wealth of them on flightsim.com and Avsim. I usually search for the up-to-date aircraft and repaints by airline name, making sure that they're for FS2004, because there's a tendency for some repainters to use the FSX texture format. which is incompatible with our sim.



All the best,


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