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Posky/iFly 744 FSX Crash

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Hello all,


I have a 747-400 aircraft that I got from my VA, which from what I understand is a Posky 747 combined with an iFly 747 panel. I really enjoy this aircraft since it has some pretty realistic features as far as the systems go. However, after my last computer upgrade (new computer), every time I try to load this version of the 747, FS stops responding. I have had this problem across all 3 versions of FS (FS2004, FSX. FSX:SE). I have tried updates, re-downloading and reinstalling, everything that I can think of within normal software troubleshooting.


I am an "IT guy" if you will, so I know the normal surface stuff. however since my specialty is network and not programming, I haven't tried anything in depth with files.


Anyone have any ideas please? Eventually I will probably purchase a good payware version, but for now I'd really like to figure this out.


Thanks in advance.

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