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Help with Razbam AV-8B

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Hey all,


Purchased the Razbam AV-8B two days ago from FSpilotShop and the weapon and payload manager to work, It presents me with this. Pic1.JPG What am I doing wrong, read the manual, and doesn't say anything about this error. Now i'm wondering if I got a broken piece of software and Razbam's forums are gone...…

I found this https://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/2/598198356162929653/, same issue, but if I have to mess with dll.xml, I should get my money back, because this is ridiculous


Can anyone help with this problem?

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System specs: AMD FTX 6300 six core processor 3.5 GHz, Video card Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB on board,

Windows 8.1 64 bit and 1 TB on hard drive.

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Making the change in the xml file is very easy. If you look at it you may even find that the entry is there but has errors. Before making changes to the file save a copy as backup - simply right click on the file and select copy from the resulting menu. Then click anywhere in the white area and select paste - this will provide a copy of the file, this will be called dll_copy.xml by default.


This gives you a source copy to help you resolve any issues. For example, if you muck up the change you can then simply delete the file and make a copy of the copy and rename the second copy (which will be named dll_copy(2).xml by default) to dll.xml to get back to how it was before the change.


IIRC, all RAZBAM products make a backup of the file is automatically made during the install process before changes are applied so you may see a file named something like dll__backup.xml


Open the file using Notepad - I know the link suggests Notepad ++ but you will have to source/download/install that if you want to use it. It's an updated version of the basic Notepad that is already installed by default on your PC.


The file is located at C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX. To open the file right click on and hover the mouse cursor over the Open With option. A new menu will appear and Notepad should be an option - click on it and the file will open for editing. If there is no Notepad option click on the Choose Another App option and search for Notepad.


Once the file is open, check to see what entries there are - NOTE that there are a number of entries and the only one you should be editing/adding is the one for the RAZBAM product. It maybe that the entry is there but slightly corrupted. Here is the entry for the AV8B from my dll.xml and your should be the same BUT yours may be different:


RAZBAM AV-8B Harrier Control Manager



Addon Modules\RZAV8BCM.dll




The item highlighted in RED is the key entry - the Addon Modules\ element tells FSX where to locate the file and the RZAV8BCM.dll element is the filename that it looking for. Check that the path is correct and that the file is present.


WRT regards to having to mess with the file in the first place - the main reason why automatic updates to the dll.xml file fails is because of the security permissions set on the PC. Clearly, RAZBAM or any other publisher, has no control over this.




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OK - its been a while since I last used the product (but I currently don't have it installed - the .xml entry I provided came from a backup copy of the file) but the only other thing I can think of, is that you have missed something in the manual.


IIRC when first loaded the aircraft loads powered up (i.e. with engine running) and the cockpit mainly set ready to taxi with only the MFDs needing to be powered up to display info. I am pretty sure that it is mentioned in the manual that the Wpns/payload manger only works if the:


A. The parking Brake is ON and...….

B. If the engine is SHUTDOWN and the RPM is at 0%.


When first loaded into FSX (i.e when first selected from the Aircraft list) the module should have run and, if installed correctly, it would have displayed a message asking you about allowing the gauge to run. Did you get such a message? Of course, it is maybe stating the obvious, but when presented with the message if you selected NO then the gauge will not load.


Another source of confirmation (if you can't remember getting the message) is to check your FSX.cfg file - under the [Trusted] section you should see entries similar to these - the second entry refers to the manager and shows that it is installed correctly:


D:\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\RAZBAM Harrier plus\panel\AV8B_Sound.DLL.ruhhrrzqowleewaaiikcktzhezeuzznrozuwwwlk=2

D:\FSX\Addon Modules\RZAV8BCM.dll.owrlbzilanrzktqauhauzkikwcrukntrbnzkqkck=1




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As it happens I just reload the product (and its sister product for the UK GR7 and 9 versions of the Harrier) to check a few things I posted earlier....


Can confirm that both products use the same payload tool and that both initially load with the engine running. WRT the rpm indication I have check my readings on both and they both go to 9999 on engine shutdown after the numbers roll down thru 0000. I suspect that its a default display indication of some sort.


As to my thoughts regarding the manual - had a quick look at it and it states the following regarding the use of the manager (in the case of the AV08B model on p90):


The Stores Load Worksheet can be viewed by using FSXs view instruments menu. The Worksheet is only operational under the following conditions: Aircraft is on the ground, Parking brakes are set and engine is completely shutdown (0 % RPM). The point is that only ground personnel have access to the

SMC panel and they won’t work if the airplane is hot.


Now that you have got the problem solved have fun flying it. I do suggest reading the manual, especially WRT to the various types of take off and landing procedures as it can, at times, be a handful to fly....




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