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And now for something completely different!


Have a look at GPDS_UD.zip that has just been released at http://www.sim-outhouse.com by Carl Reddin

This download is a combination of a donationware & a freeware release from the now missing Pendercrafts website, and a totally new update, more or less based on the "Lost in Space' TV series.


The scenery simulates a space flight environment within FS2004, and consists of a 180 kilometer fiameter spherical flight are, displaying a star field texture, floating & moving astroids, space stations & ships. All you need is a suitable spaceship.


An ideal space craft will be the Jupiter2 model by Ronnie Pendergraft, (jup2MGEvc), that was originally on the Pendercrafts website, that no longer exists, BUT the 'wayback machine' will take you to http://web.archive.org/web/20150415012206/http:/www.pendercrafts.com/fs2004dl.htm & look for the VTOL upgrade (goddard.zip). Without this, the Flights within the download will not work.


Have fun, Carl has done an amazing job & this is really something unique for FS2004, & I have actually created a separate Space install for myself.





Cape Town, South Africa

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Just a quick note to say that the "Lost in Space" spaceship Jupiter 2 is available on flight sim. You can find the craft here:



The update can be found here:



Another file of interest is the scenery file for the crash site of Jupiter 2:



The launch facility for the Jupiter 2 can be found on simviation here:


Visit FSXMissionsHangar.com

For Missions in FSX and P3D

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