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Difference between Envtex and FE9


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So, I can combine TNW & Envtex?

That could be interesting.


Yes, absolutely Robin.

Can't tell you how happy I am with Envtex.

If you apply say clouds from Envtex, they will overwrite any clouds from TNW. If you don't like the Envtex clouds, Envtex makes it easy to install back what you had with TNW. You can easily play with the Envtex textures and restore back to what you originally had at any time.

Mark Daniels
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I'd not be surprised if most of us are running combinations of many textures ...and constantly trying new ones. I think my current scenery is GEPro ground, Zinertek water, Rex clouds, VOZ skies, and an old "Airport Environments" package. But once you have something you like, back up your entire textures folder! More than once I've been moved to using unacceptable language when something wreaked havoc on my carefully crafted landscape.
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