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Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 - How to use the ILS??


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I'm not sure if there is anyone who still uses MSFS4, but I'm going to give this a shot anyway! I didn't see a separate section for versions this old, so I am posting here.


Some might think I'm crazy for wanting to fly such an old simulator, but I have a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 for DOS, and I happen to have a big appreciation for old games/programs that are packed with features for the time.


Are there any experienced MSFS4 flyers that know or remember how to use the ILS system? I have the extensive 200+ page user manual and have been trying to piece together how I am supposed to lock onto a destination airport.


I've added the destination airport's NAV frequency to my NAV1 radio, autopilot turned on and "Nav 1 lock on" turned on, but nothing. Approaching the destination airport runway is normal, with no indicators or anything.


I loaded up a built-in mode in the game, as they have a couple of ILS approaches that start you mid-flight, and there are red boxes that guide you to the runway. If I change the nav 1 frequency to another one (testing), the boxes disappear. So I know I need to have the destination frequency plugged into the Nav radio, but if I try this on my own flight, the boxes don't show up.


Just wanted to see if there are still any sim enthusiasts that still are familiar with this one. Keep in mind I am not a real pilot, and I just use these things for fun. I'm not familiar with real-world course plotting.


Thank you!

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Yes, I imagine there are very few people that want to use such an old simulator. I like a lot of old DOS games, and I happened to stumble on this sim not too long ago. I find it to be pretty awesome how much it's actually capable of for the year. Just something about those old 3D graphics and the aircraft and scenery designer.


Thanks for the info! It really cleared up a lot for me. I still can't seem to get the landing guidance to work out. I am probably missing something, but I'll come back to it another time. But the VOR helps a lot. Thank you for the link

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Just wanted to follow up. I'm sure not really many people (if any) will benefit from this, but I finally found out how to turn on the guidance rectangles. It was in the EFIS/CFPD menu under the NAV/COM menu (option 5 on the main menu). Once that's turned on, your Nav1 to a specific runway' frequency (found in the manual), and boom! It works.


I was able to figure this out after the page you shared helped clear up VOR tuning for me. Thanks again

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There's a place in the Archive section for FS4 all the way at the bottom. You're also not the only one playing FS4. I am currently working on an adventure file complete with ATC recorded files for a video series that I'll be posting on my YouTube channel. I already have a series of 32 episodes for a World Tour that I've been working on, and the flight plan is the same on FS5, FS98, FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX, and X-Plane -- all of which are on my channel. FS1, FS2, and FS3 follow the same flight plan but are limited, since SubLogic didn't release all of the USA scenery disks.
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That's awesome, I will probably never get to scrape together enough time to learn the ins and outs of the simulator. It seems jam packed with features for such an old, tiny piece of software. I burned out on it a bit and will come back to probably in a few months. All my hobbies and interests seem to rotate with the seasons. Your YouTube channel sounds cool. Feel free to share your username, I'll definitely take a look at it!
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Holy cow! If FS4 is on a floppy disc or even diskette, than you must have a really, really old PC...


But I actually started this crazy little hobby on MSFS Ver. I - of which I have some found memories of

the red lines representing the cockpit and the gauges....

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