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The Carenado CJ2


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Man I have such a headache right now bad. I have been racking my brain trying to get the FMS and Nav to work in this Citation 525 that I bought last week to work. I have read several posts regarding this and no one I've been able to find has been able to fix this to where I can understand it. Has anyone else had this problem on here? I have FSX Steam, Win 10 top of the line computer. The screen on the FMS just says Loading Data Base but nothing happens. That screen never goes away. Now I don't really need that FMS anyway cause in the Citation 550 I never use it. I just do my flight plan within FSX and it shows the flight map and directional lines as soon as I push the Nav button on the display. And away I go. but I can't do that with the CJ2. So please help. Thanks
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