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Vatsim still going strong?

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I have been out of the "game" for about 5 years...how are things? Also, regarding vatsim and flying with live atc...what was the name of that program that would show the globe and you could use the mouse to spin it around and find a place to fly? It had a kind of funny name...


Is squawk box still the go to platform too? Just getting back into things now after a hiatus.

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never to late for getting back to the hobby! :-)


I think the globe thing you're looking for is QuteScoop.

And there are a few clients available: Squawkbox is certainly still usable, I use VPilot and I think there are a few others, maybe have a look here:



Apart from that exiting times are ahead with a new voice codec coming up that will significantly increase the audio quality and hopefully eliminate some comunication problems:




I'm far from a Vatsim pro myself, but I'm sure some of the guys, who are around here can add a few bits.



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