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AI aircraft disappearing after climb to 8000 ft


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Hi All,


Would appreciate input into this problem. It may have been addressed previously, apologies if it has and kindly refer me to the thread.


I recently got windows 10. Installed FS9 and added all the AI aircraft I was using on a previous computer (no issues with that one). Started making flight plans utilizing AIFP3.


I have installed FSUIPC and the traffic view board as well.


In game, all is well until the AI aircraft climbs to 8000ft after which it disappears. This occurs with all the AI aircraft in my flight plan file.


Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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When making your flight plans have you got parking and the destination airfield or is the aircraft in your plan too big to land at that airfield?


Just try one for now using a smaller aircraft and make sure both airfields has parking big enough to accept the aircraft, set you the altitude to say 9-10000ft and see it it happens again?

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