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AI aircraft to show up in FSX


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You use AIFP to make the trafficplans. ( AI Flight Planner. - find latest version using google.)


Ai aircraft do not show up in selection menu. That's normal. But they will be available for Ai. And they will show just fine as traffic while flying.

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Aircraft in FSX must have a panel or they will NOT show up in the flyable selection list. AI aircraft, such as the Grumman Goose in the plain Jane FSX version, have NO PANEL. You can borrow a panel folder from a similar aircraft and see if it allows you to select and fly the aircraft. The image you see can be added by you (or borrowed from a similar aircraft). The thumbnail.jpg pic is 2:1 ratio; 128 x 256 by default but I've made many in the 200x400 or 400x800 size ranges and they work just fine - it's the ratio that matters, not so much the actual size.


You may also need to borrow a sound folder; you can even borrow several and try them out.

place them in folders named sound.1, sound.2 etc. Then in the config file just reference them with the sound parameter (i.e. sound = 1, sound = 2).


FSX downloads may more typically include the config entry: "ui_createdby=" while aircraft designed for FS9 don't.



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A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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Also if you are using an FS9 aircraft that has a panel and sound you need to remove those for it to show as an ai in FSX, and as stated above if you want to see them in the selection window you need to add a panel from an FSX aircraft not a FS9 one, plus an AI air file will stop an aircraft from showing in the selection window too.


If you try to use any FS9 ai flight plans they will stop all FSX plans from showing/working, in AIFP you can search and convert any FS9 plans to FSX, just one plan from FS9 can stop all FSX plans from working thus no ai aircraft.

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