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FSDiscover! and XPOI

Ray Hff

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I think FSDiscover works only in the retail or boxed version of FSX and not in FSX Steam or 3PD. If compatibility was not an issue I'd grab FSDiscover. On the other hand I believe XPOI does work in both flitesims. The problem I saw with XPOI is that the on screen labels were too large and were like billboards which ruined the scenery for me. I didn't do research so I hope it was just user error on my part and I'm wrong on that or that at least they've made changes since I last looked at it. Edited by oneleg
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Not for me either. It lacks subtlety.


I tried the demo and the green 'things' look like something I'd do if asked to design such software.

I was reminded of the episode of The Simpsons where he designs a car.


Top marks for the amount of data to which one is exposed, though.



Mr Disappointed in the Caribbean

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