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VFR Photographic Gen X Reinstall problem : HELP !


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Its many years since I was a keen member here, and FS Enthusiast. However, I have recently reactivated FSX SE, and reinstalled every Volume of "VFR Photographic Scenery Generation X" apart from the elusive "Vol 7" which I would DIE to own..lol.


I have a brand new built to order PC that is of the highest specs possible at the present time, including a RTX2070 graphics with 8Gb of onboard memory, Intel I7 processor, etc etc. But I am having a problem that only seems evident with Vol 1 and 2 "Southern England" and "Central England", and that is, even sitting on the runway with a default aircraft, I am having sudden and frequent Frame Rate Drops from 70-80FPS to 3FPS which briefly freezes the view ! I am not doing anything but sitting in the cockpit at the end of the runway. This phenomenon occurs only in Vols1 and 2, and doesnt seem to manifest itself in any other volumes.


Can anyone help please ?





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