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FspassengersX too good to be real?


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Hey Guys,


I have been playing FSX for about 2 month, and have become a total addictive of the game. As we all are. Today i find the addon FspassengersX, im a long way away from my computer where FSX is installed, so i can not try it yet.


But is it really as good as it sound? Why is it more realistic than FSX it self? Do you really get flight directions, and so on? Have any of you tried it yet?


It sounds good, and if it really is, i can't wait to try it :-) Sorry for my bad english. Have a nice day.

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I like FSPax over FSCap because it allows you change comm and nav radio frequencies and autopilot settings with a few keystrokes. I like FSCap because of the fuel calculator.


I think the FSPax developer made the software almost perfect from the get-go. Whereas the FSCap developer is still actively updating the software but in my opinion has lost focus and is trying make the software be all things to all people.


Both are good pieces of software but I think FSPax is better.

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