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Hi all, I am very new to all this and this is the first forum I have ever joined.

I'm looking to build a flight sim and last night purchased my first items (radio panel, multi panel and switch panel).

I plan to use xplane 11, build a cockpit and use 3 monitors. I can't afford to spend thousands of pounds and although I have an iMac, I think I would want a gaming PC. Only problem is which one. I won't be good at building one from scratch so would like to buy one that's good to go.

After spending hours and hours looking at forums and YouTube videos, I'm even more confused as it's all a different language to me.

I want to avoid buying a PC that costs thousands when I may only need one that costs £700, but on the flip side, I don't want to buy one for £700 and find out its not good enough.


There's one for sale on wired2wired which says its capable of multi monitors but then there are a million options to upgrade each part and I dont know if they actually need upgrading.


Any help for a newby would be greatly appreciated

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It takes: 3.5 to 4.0 Ghz CPU (i5?).

It takes 2 Gb DDR5 GPU.

It takes 8 Gb MATCHED PAIR of Dual Channel low latency RAM.

It takes 7200 rpm (NOT 5600 rpm) HDrive(s).

It takes 600+ Watt Gold PSU.


The rest (faster CPU, 16 to 32 Gb Ram, SSD, Case (LED or not LED), lighted keyboard keys, controllers, addons, etc) are ALL OPTIONAL. So, yeah, you buy a $1800 PC and it don't work as good as the $999 PC. The above items will (may?) vary (or be substituted by seller (all do that) if you let them) so know what you want (read up on everything - twice!) and don't fall for ANY verbal claim or quote ('fluff') of salesmen. They only want your money. Good hunting.

Chuck B


i7 2600K @ 3.4 Ghz (Turbo-Boost to 3.877 Ghz), Asus P8H67 Pro, Super Talent 8 Gb DDR3/1333 Dual Channel, XFX Radeon R7-360B 2Gb DDR5, Corsair 650 W PSU, Dell 23 in (2048x1152), Windows7 Pro 64 bit, MS Sidewinder Precision 2 Joy, Logitech K-360 wireless KB & Mouse, Targus PAUK10U USB Keypad for Throttle (F1 to F4)/Spoiler/Tailhook/Wing Fold/Pitch Trim/Parking Brake/Snap to 2D Panel/View Change. Installed on 250 Gb (D:). FS9 and FSX Acceleration (locked at 30 FPS).
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