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Hardware upgrade


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Hello guys.


I have just upgraded from an i7 + gt1080 with P3dv4.3 to the following:


i9-9900K 3.60 Hz - Geforce RTX 2080Ti - 64GB memory - Z390 Aorus Ultra-CF


Of course, I will be installing P3dv4.4. Contrary to my days with FSX, I had P3d running well and smooth without any tweaks and no NVI with FXAA ON, AA 8xMSAA, Anisotropic 8x, 2048x2048, Vsync ON, Triple Buffering and FPS set to unlimited. However, I still had the autogen loading issue ...


I use the P3D PC connected to a projector which displays only the front view (I had a 3pc + 3 projectors setup for my home cockpit, but it's very demanding and troublesome to keep 3 pcs's with 3 copies of P3d updated and running at the same time). Actually, I have a HDMI divider sending the image to both a monitor and the projector.


I have read a lot about performance here, but I still have some questions ...


1. I have no ideia of what's the refresh rate of my monitor. Since the image goes to both the projector and to the monitor, should I use the FPS limiter like suggested ?


2. Should I use NVI ?





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