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Seeking Advice on Berlin Airlift Addon Scenery


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Hello, All,

I'm back fooling with FS9. At one point on my old setup, I had a very nice Tempelhof complete with Berlin Airlift-vintage craft. My latest AddOns show modern jets....

Any suggestions on which Addon Sceneries to use? I'm interested primarily in Tempelhof, not other airports active in the Airlift.

Thanks sincerely. -- EngEd

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It isn't a question of Addon sceneries. You should deactivated your modern AI traffic. If you haven't add those traffic yourself, it might be generated by the file "traffic030528.bgl" in Scenery\world\scenery folder. I would suggest to paste this file to a new addon folder, which you can active if necessary.
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Hi, leuen,

Thanks for the memory jog. Indeed, the jets are gone now.

It also prompts me to do a completely new download and installation of bas04, the Berlin Airlift that worked fine (before a computer died, the new one had soundless Windows, and commandeering Wife Dottie's other iMac partition missed several of the necessary files). As I noted to Tom Gibson on another matter entirely, it's good fun and another great time-gobble. It's good to be back.

(God help me if I get hooked by GMax again. My last project was an Everglades airboat for FS9....)

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Hello, Again, leuen,

My fresh download/install did the trick. I unloaded my Miles M.57's cargo of Rob Walker's Formula 3 car amidst C-54s and C-47s. What it was doing in Berlin at the time is anyone's guess. Thanks again for your help. d

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