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Looking a Virtual Flying Club that lets you fly Propellers.


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I am returning back to hobby of Virtual flying after a long hiatus and I was looking to join a flying club/ General Aviation airlines that let you fly propellers from anywhere around the world.


I hope there are many around the world I tried using google and found: https://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/ which is a UK based Flying Club (Correct me if I am wrong here). I am looking for a community that is more international focus without limiting pilots to fly in a certain region/route.




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Why don't you have a look at Platinum Airways? We apply the Open Skies principle, which means you fly the mission of choice with the aircraft of choice at the time of choice. We have a Destination of the Week, hundreds of military and vintage military missions to choose from, cargo flights, etc. Or you can pick a flight suggestion our of our five hubs. Only conditions: minimum 18 years old, first flight within 14 days after joining and at least one flight a month afterwards.



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I’m kind of looking for the same thing. I really enjoy the smaller prop planes and would like to find a virtual airline. But I would like to find one that offers live air traffic control, but not as strict as vatsim. Other than vatsim does any virtual airlines with air traffic control exist????
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I'm actually a member of cix vfr club in the UK. You be pleased to know that there flying is not restricted to the UK, you can fly anywhere in the world vfr,or join one of there many group flights with teamspeak and there own ATC via TS . The only restrictions are that you fly on line & only light aircraft.

On the other hand try worldwide virtual you can fly anything anywhere at anytime on or off line, having said that they also have an extensive range of tours.


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