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Newbie Help Please


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Since my last post(thanks to all that responded), my setup has change considerably. I now have a decent graphics card(GeForce 210) and a 2 23 inch dual monitor setup. I am also now flying FSx. Can anyone give me any tweaks, setup clues, or other points to help? I especially need help with dual monitor setup for FSX. Thanks in advance to ALL who help.
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Well, since no-one else has responed, here are some opinions. I also have two monitors, in FS9, do not have FSX, but the points will be, I think, equally valid.


Firstly, before working on the two-monitor setup in FS, you have to make sure that it is absolutely perfect in Windows.


Second, I have found it a little more realistic to have the monitors at different distances. In fact, one as far away as possaible, the other one as close as possible. The further one is the scenery in the out-the-window view, and the closer one is your instrument panel, throttle quadrant, GPS, whatever.


Finally, althoug this may be totally irrelevant for you, I found that doing landings on an aircraft carrier requires a lot more pitch movement (up and down) than "normal" landings. Thus, I have the further (scenery) monitor in portrait mode. The Nvidia control panel manages this very well. AFAIK, your GeForce is actually an Nvidia chip, you should be able to get the control panel for it.


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My suggestion would be that you post this in the FSX forum, instead of the FS9 forum.


Believe it or not, things that work in one version might not work in the other.



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" I am also now flying FSx. Can anyone give me any tweaks, setup clues, or other points to help?"


Read the tweaking guide sticky at the top. Be warned not all the tweaks are appropriate and some are experimental. Use at your own risk and know that some users inappropriately applying tweaks have disabled their FSX or made it worse.


The only tweak I support from the sticky above as a first time change to your FSX.CFG file is the HIGHMEMFIX tweak. See the guide for instructions how to add it.

Fly with FSX for a while before experimenting with any of the other tweaks.



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