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Help using Older Jeppesen Flight Training controls with FSX on Windows 7


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I have got a complete Jeppesen flight training system. Circa 2000. I want to use the controls, Yoke, Rudder Pedals, Radio stack, on a newer USB only Windows 7 pc with FSX. I have the Radio/controls box hooked up to usb through a converter. Same with the throttles and yoke. I've download and installed the FSUIPC4.exe, serial port and the serial test utility. When I load FSX, it recognizes the driver and gives me a status screen. Got a green checkmark on FSUIPC4 with "Okay. All options available". Have a green checkmark next to Com1 open. All controls listed as 'X'. Last clue is I at least have power getting to the radio stack (red led on). I'm pretty sure this can be done. Does anyone think I'm close? Or.. Am I way off the track?
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From your post I understand that FSX recognizes FSUIPC, and FSUIPC recognizes your controllers.

In that case you’re good to go.

There are some good tutorials on Youtube on how to set up FSUIPC.


A common mistake is to let FSX “see” your controllers as well. That’s not necessary, in most cases even unwanted.

Start simple, by adding the basic flight controls to FSUIPC. When you’ve gained some experience, you can tackle the radio stack.



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