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How to install FS2004 & make it work in Windows 10


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There have been a lot of questions and problems when installing FS2004 in Windows 10.


This works!


Install into C:\ NOT into C:\Program Files

Install the FS2004 9.1 Update

Install the FS2004 9.1 NOCD patch


Right-click the desktop FS2004 icon & select ‘Properties’

1. Select the ‘Compatibility’ tab, tick ‘Compatibility mode,

2. Pull down the menu & select ‘Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

3. Tick ‘Run this program as an administrator’

4. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’

5. Double-click the desktop icon (Run the sim)


Cape Town, South Africa

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12 hours ago, mdinf said:

Hi I am MDINF A long time first Class member. IS your window 10 a 32 bit or 64 bit as fs9 won't install in 64 bit.

FS9 it has to go in C\Program files (x86)\microsoft Games\Flight simulator 9..If your window is in 64 bit you have to make a change in window,,Sinse your flight simulator

is in 32bit...On you tube look for the video (How to use 32bit app in 64 bit window)the video will show you what to do.T did it and it work (FS9&FSX)

This is absolutely not true. FS9 can be installed ANYWHERE and still work properly. It can be installed on a different hard drive, external drive, flash drive, or SSD drive. In fact, the Program Files location is the WORST place it could end up, due to permissions issues in Windows.


Also, it doesn't matter if your program is 32 bit or 64 bit. Windows is smart enough to know what it is and how to install and run it.

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FS9 will work in 64 bit. My last 32 bit was Windows10. The fear was that FS9 or Level-D would not work in 64 bit. I was finally convinced  and got Windows 11, 64 bit. Everything does work as long as you follow the instruction in this forum.


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Quite correct. The 9.1 update should be installed, as well as the No-CD patch, & the sim should be installed anywhere except the default place.

I do have an install on my C:\ SSD drive that I use as a master copy. To make things easier for me, I've just done 3 additional installs on my D:\ drive. My first was a very tweaked install, just to see if my mods worked. Then I copied & pasted that install twice (after the usual renaming) to get Silver Wings & a Golden Wings install, adding the Golden Wings, Golden Hawaii & Silver Wings mods.. My Silver Wings has most of the Ford Tri-Motor site add-ons & scenery added to default scenery, as well as appropriate additional aircraft (Milton's). My Golden Wings install has pre-WWII aircraft & scenery added. I prefer to have separate installs to prevent any scenery clashes that may occur. An example is that the Ford Tr-Motor scenery does not play nicely with my local South African scenery & mesh.

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