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Customising your FS2004 installs.


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For those who like customising your sims, and who also have multiple installs: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?19087-How-to-Create-Multiple-Installs-of-FS2004


Here is the missing step on how to further customise your FS2004 installs, by renaming the FS2004 title in the top left hand corner of the sim, when in Windows mode:


1. Download & install ‘Resource Hacker’ from http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/#download

2. Run Resource Hacker

3. Click ‘File’, ‘Open”

4. Direct that to your FS2004 install’s language.dll


5. Click ‘Open’

6. This will appear:


7. Double-Click ‘String Table’

8. Click the first line on the left: ‘1-1033’


9. Edit line 5: (2. In the white edit area), this example’s text is “Space-The Final Frontier” & change that to a suitable text/description.

(Mine will be edited to read “Space-Beta”

10. Click the big green arrow in the Task bar

11. Click ‘File’ ‘Save’

12. Click ‘File’ “Exit”

13. That’s it… Run the sim.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Not really.

Just a single example is my main install, using Aeroworx South African scenery & mesh that changes coastlines. Then I have an install for The Ford Tri-Motor Project.

If I combine these sceneries, I get coastline conflicts.


Then I have a Golden Wings install, in which a lot of airports have been redacted, & concrete runways taken out.

Another consideration is, with multiple installs, you can avoid AI aircraft issues, as I'm sure you do not want modern AI aircraft flying within a Golden Wings/Vintage sim.

Ok, that's 3 installs so far.

For fun, as simming is all about Fun, Fact & Fiction, I have a Space install, populated with unique space scenery (by Pendercraft & Carl Reddin) Also, for convenience & to avoid major aircraft cluttering, I have an Alaska install, including Tongass, Misty Fjords, & other Alaskan/Canadian scenery.


Yes, you can have a single install, depending on where your interests lie, but there are quite a few of us that have different interests in simming, and to avoid having various sceneries that might conflict with each other, as I have found out, & to avoid hundreds of aircraft in our sim library, it's convenient to have a dedicated or separate install. All my installs are pretty much unique, with suitable GUI interfaces & spash screens.


LOL, us South Africans, here in the colonies, have been known to be a little strange anyway!


Cape Town, South Africa

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Guess I was just thinking maybe just rename some folders and have it all on the one install. I'm just an ideas man that's all. Enhanced by judicious amounts of red wine currently. :D


Hahhahhhahah! Ditto....ditto.



HP Pavilion Premium Gaming Desktop, Intel i5-7400 Processor, 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD, 3GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics, Bluetooth, HDMI, Windows 7

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Hehee, it was the Merlot that got me going in the first place, to make things easier.


I was quite deep into the red when I decided that, for my Deep Space install, to remove all earth bound scenery, & just to have space locations....


Cape Town, South Africa

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