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Virtualcol Dash 8

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Anyone use the Virtualcol Dash 8 add on? I'm not sure as to why, but when I shut down engines/propellers, turn on ground power, APU, and main battery, ext power (switch on). There's a glitch or either I'm doing something wrong. As I'm setting up my radios and FMS, suddenly all my electronics shut off and gage screens go black, "ATC disabled (No electric)". I've contacted support about it, but just wanted to see if anyone has encountered this issue. Maybe a bug or so? Maybe I'm doing something incorrect. Not sure of it, but hope there's a way to figure this out or an update. I'm running P3DV4 with the Dash 8 P3Dv4 patch. Still ongoing.

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Odd. Could it be perhaps a conflict with FSUIPC and the plane's battery/ground power?


I don't know what it could be other than that and/or a flaw in the product its self.


I think I figured it out. I had engines (auto shutdown) mapped to my keyboard and was using that to shut down engines without knowing that it was shutting down everything completely. I instead just shut down engines via throttle or propellers to fuel/off then ground power, APU START then APU GEN. After sitting for some time at parking, all screens are still on and everything is running. I still use the keyboard function to auto start engines. Boy a small little thing can just give you headaches sometimes.

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