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Lossiemouth scenery crash


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Hey everyone,


Last week I was flying through Scotland using Scotflight scenery. I flew to Lossiemouth AB, which was still the default airport. I landed my plane there. I decided to install some custom scenery and found UKMIL Lossiemouth as freeware scenery.


Now, every time I either start at Lossiemouth or when I fly toward the base FSX crashes. I can briefly look around before this happens and it doesn't crash when I keep looking at the runway texture.


I tried removing the scenery files and disabling Scotflight, but whenever I approach Lossiemouth, even the default area and airport, FSX crashes again without an error notification (only 'fsx stopped working').


Now, the strange thing is that it doesn't crash when I fly to Lossiemouth at night! I can use the base, fly over it or taxi without any problems when flying after dark. I first thought the problem might be texture related, but then why does FSX keep crashing even when everything is set to default?


Can anyone help me out?

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