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Need Help, Stretched Panels.


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I'm having a problem with stretched panels across 3 monitors and distorted when I'm in 2d cockpit.I done a lot of research before I decided to post.

I have come across a post regarding Triple wide panels by George V. Trovato but not sure if that reflects my issue. People are stating there cursor spinning and black lines.I'm not having any of those issues. I'm running windows 10 pro 2 Nvidia gtx 1080 founders edition Inte core i7-6700k

3 Acer preditor monitors (2560x1440) My resolution is set at 7680X1440 & 60 Hz if I go below my set resolution my 2 side monitors black out with no signal other then that everything else seems to running ok virtual cockpit looks normal only in 2d cockpit i'm having this issue and my cursor being black to the point I cant even see it. Is there a fix or a solution to this issue any help would be most appreciated.

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