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PA28 Cockpit setup for sale :(


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Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances I'm having to downsize our home... That sadly means I will no longer have room for my simulator setup.


As a result I'm looking to sell it. Rather than cluttering this forum please PM me to discuss and make a SERIOUS offer.


In brief, the panel is a laser cut exact scale copy of a PA28 main instrument panel with a few slight mods (eg for screw holes, removing some blanks etc). It has been built on to a very well made frame which supports a monitor behind the main instruments. There is a 10" Windows tablet in the avionics bay which I currently use as an extended screen for the main PC so I can position the GTN650 on it and use the touch interface.


There is a Saitek Yoke and throttle quadrant built in, plus two Leo Bodnar 32-channel game controller interfaces for the switches, rotaries for altimeter, HDG etc all plumbed in. There is also an Arduino loaded with ArdsimX that controls the gear down/transit lights!


I also include my Thrustmaster Rudder pedals which are in excellent condition, tight and working properly.


There is a 19" wide monitor behind the main 8 gauges which uses air manager currently.


Finally, the PC powering it is a stable overclocked 4690K 4.4GHz, water cooled. Never runs over 55deg even at full pelt. Graphics is a Gigabyte 1070GTX 8GB OC edition less than a year old. All drives are SSD, there is a single drive for the OS then two 256GB RAID striped together for XPlane to run from. 12GB Corsair RAM.


If you want exact component specs please PM.


I am open to selling the main panel without the PC, or both together (preferred). I am not open to splitting it up and selling parts. It all works really nicely together.


I have put a lot of time and love into it, and it is almost complete. The Magneto switch was my next job to finish, but other than that (and eventually an autopilot), it's capable of doing everything you need in flight without needing to touch a mouse. The PC would happily power three screens or some wraparound projectors, either of which would have been my next stage in the graphics (but have tested with some borrowed monitors!)


I must stress, this is not a fully completed project, but it's very close. It will need a little work to finish off cosmetically, but functionally it is all but there.


PM me to discuss if interested. Pictures on the Gumtree link...


Please note you will need your own license of Air Manager or build in some real gauges. Also of course my license of XPlane and RealityXP GTN650 is not transferrable, and I might want to use them in the future!


Edit: added a listing on Gumtree with pictures: https://www.gumtree.com/p/laptops/pa28-flight-simulator-instrument-panel-with-working-electrics-flight-controls/1331234138


Video link showing operation of switches, overall view:


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