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Any one tried this?


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I've never seen this one before and I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and if it works ok?




FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Panels

FS2004 Gauges--Reduced Braking In Rain/Snow

[ Download | View ]


Name: brakingaction.zip

Size: 135,201 Date: 02-27-2015 Downloads: 259


FS2004 Gauges--Reduced Braking In Rain/Snow. If you want more realism and are tired of having the same braking effectiveness in rain and snow as on a dry runway then this is for you. There are two gauges, "BrakingAction" and "BrakingAction_AntiSkid". Use the gauge "BrakingAction" for aircraft which do not have an AntiSkid system; do not use it on aircraft with antiskid (like airliners) - for those use "BrakingAction_AntiSkid". The gauges will reduce braking effectiveness in rain, snow, and freezing rain. In addition, the "BrakingAction" gauge will simulate blocked wheels when you leave your foot too long on the brake; this will further reduce braking effectiveness; also, blocked wheels will put wear on your tires, eventually up to the point when a tire will blow. NOTE: The gauges are made for users who either use the keyboard or an assigned button (or two for differential brakes) on the joystick for braking. The gauges will most likely not work together with devices that allow a progressive braking input, i.e. that allow you to apply brake pressure anywhere between.

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Well, this is a cool little program. Works well after figuring a few things out on the install.


It's not perfect but a little fun nonetheless. Doesn't work with anything that has a autobrake but you can still use the program using the regular braking on the keyboard or joystick.

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