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Need advise about "how to mod" a model for AI use in FSX.


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So I recently completed project where I set up a bunch of routes for a freeware Concorde to add a little spice to the skies around airports. I used AI Flight Planner and everything went well. The Concordes take off and land as expected on time and with some trial and error was able to recreate a lot of the historic routes of Concorde and add a bunch of fantasy routes for fun.


Then I started to wonder what else I could put in the skies to make things more visually interesting. So I got ahold of a copy of Lionhart's Boeing BWB/797 flying wing and played around with it and it was fun so I started making routes for it, so I would bump into tooting about the world. The only problem is one I cant seem to figure out after a day of searching.



The model seems to come with a secondary model of a static set of fuel trucks and figurines that sit outside the plane while the engines are off. In the regular use those disappear when the engines are on but when used as an AI aircraft the AI flight taxis and takes off with them and flies the entire route with them. The engines also don't seem to be started because there is no engine noise at all.



This is a FS9 model as I understand it that was ported to FSX by a third party and that's how I found it.



Do I need to modify the model to get rid of this second state with fuel trucks? or is there a way to make this AI aircraft actually turn on its engines before magically floating into the sky? Thanks for any replies about what I need to look into. I am not a very prolific modifier of FSX files but I have done a little bit here and there when need.

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