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For Sale: Yoko Yoke, MFG Crosswind pedals, TrackIR5, Throttle quadrant, etc..


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Hello All,


I'm breaking down my flight simulator system, which was probably used a total of 10 hours max. This includes Yoko the Yoke, MFG Crosswind rudder pedals, TrackIr 5 premium head tracker, and a model 2790 throttle quadrant (from http://www.desktopaviator.com). I'm also selling the pretty cool SIMiOnic SH1000 combo (check out there website at http://www.simionic.net for more info) which simulates very nicely the Garmin G1000, but look for this in a separate listing. The pricing for each item is: Yoko the Yoke: $850, MFG Crosswind pedals:$280, throttle quadrant: $120, TrackIr5: $115, which totals $1,365. If you buy everything i'll price it at $1,250. Thanks for looking and i'll try to respond to questions within 24 hours.


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