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Level-D 767 flyers - Problem with engines shutting down


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Hoping some LD-767 flyers would be willing to have a read here. I have flown the 767PIC & Level-D since they first arrived on the scene, and am by no means a newbie to the complexities of the systems, having 100's of hours flying time in the planes.

Not sure what has happened to cause this, but recently, I started having issues where fairly often I'll lose complete power with the engines running, where both engines simply shut down. Can happen when I am taxing to the active, or even taxing to the gate after landing.

Generally, I'd shut down the APU after both engines have successfully started, and then bam - during taxi, I go dark and quiet. 25 minutes down the drain!

If I leave the APU running (as a test) while taxing to the active, I can suffer the shutdown, but at least have the backup power for some system functionality.

I have checked and rechecked FS settings & Level-D settings and I don't have a single failure flag enabled. I don't believe FSUIPC has anything that would cause this, at least nothing stood out when I checked.

I'm at my wits end here, as I can't fathom what else can cause these power losses.


I'm up for any suggestions, and kindly thank you ahead of time! :)


Neil :cool:

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Hi Nebojsa,

No, it doesn't. Not 100% certain yet, still working through it, but it seems to be only happening on some of the more recent adds to the aircraft folder. Not sure if their .air files have something flaky in them. Problem is they don't fail 100% of the time, but damn near 50%.

Just can't pinpoint the offending variable.


Neil :cool:

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Are the fuel cutoff switches being triggered?


If so, what are the key mappings to these switches in the Level-D settings? Note that LVL-D has their own keyboard mappings separate from the sim or other add-ons, so you may have mapped something to the same key as the cutoff switches.





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