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Cannot Download Plugin


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I recently reinstalled FSX and now Air Manager will not connect to the new installation. I have included a copy of my log below. I cannot find the Air Manager plugin exe file to run the plugin again and when I try to download it your site will only allow it to finish about 10MB of the download before canceling it. I attempted to open a support ticket on your site, but I get a message that says No Bots Allowed when I click on Support link.


I really need to get this program running asap.




Air Plugin Log


13-01-2019 15:05:39 INFO Main: Starting plugin (V2.5)...

13-01-2019 15:05:39 INFO SimConnectHandler: SimConnect handle: 05998FE8

13-01-2019 15:05:39 INFO Main: Init Sim Bus...

13-01-2019 15:05:39 INFO Main: Done initializing!

13-01-2019 15:05:39 INFO Main: Serving forever...

13-01-2019 15:08:01 INFO Main: Closing down...

13-01-2019 15:08:02 INFO Main: Closed down

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