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RE: Posting. Need Help setting up Triple monitor display !

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I'm Re posting after doing some countless hours researching.I came across the problem I'm having but not sure if it will solve the issue.

I'm getting a Connection Display Error. (View connection guide) One of the graphic cards gave me the choice to roll back to a previous driver but not the other 2 after I rolled back I rebooted but still having the same problem Connection Display Error (View connection guide) I'm not sure if i should uninstall the drivers and do a clean install on the 3 graphic cards.I had read in other forums about clean install. Would like to know if any one here has had this problem before if so, how would I go about fixing this issue.I'm not to familiar with certain hardware.Any help or guidance would be most appriciated.


System specs


Windows 10 pro

Intel Core i7-6700k

MSI Gaming Z170A

3 Nvidia GTX 1080 Founders edtion

2Way SLI Bridge

3 Monitor Acer Preditor XB271HU bmirpz WQHD(2560x1440

Nvidia G-Sync IPS (Display Port&HDMI Port,144Hz

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