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FS2004 Aileron Issue


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Recently I've ran into a problem on fs2004 regarding turning in air...

I would get airborne and make my first turn (or any turn), and in the middle of that turn my ailerons would just reset to it's main position, causing my turn to be messed up. This also happens with the elevator as well.


This happens on any of the aircraft I'm flying and I re-calibrated my joystick as well. This doesn't happen on the other simulators and during calibration it operates smoothly. How do I solve this issue on fs2004?

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My first thought is something in your fsuipc cfg is interfering with the controls.


Also try your joystick in a different USB port.


To see if it is a joystick or generic control issue - disable the joystick in FS9, exit, unplug the joystick, restart windows, try a brief flight using keyboard controls. If all is well the problem is in some way related to the joystick; if the problem persists it is some interaction between FS9, the OS, and/or other hardware.

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