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Emsco Arctic Term


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Manufactured in 1932, three-seat open/cabin mid-wing monoplane on floats, powered by a 300 hp Wasp Junior (or 450 hp Wasp). It was a one off hybrid designed by Charles Rocheville, wing from a Lockheed Sirius, tail from a Lockheed Vega. Special-purpose plane for Shell Oil Co. in Alaskan photographic explorations. Pilot in open cockpit in small nacelle, crew in enclosed pods atop pontoons. It crashed in 1933 during testing.


Yes, it was real, & it will be great for our Golden Wings! Any takers?




Cape Town, South Africa

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And I thought I was familiar with most oddball aircraft. I will certainly d/l this if anyone creates it for FS9; though from the images I imagine in real life you would freeze your tailfeathers off while flying something as maneuverable as a hippo in a tar pit.
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